For Glory: A Champions of Midgard Review

by Mrs. Saint Trondheim is a port town in Norway, led by their beloved Jarl. His strength and fierceness protect the town and surrounding villages and his shrewd mind helps grow a thriving merchant trade business. But then he dies. His death is felt in every house in Trondheim and in every neighboring village. Suddenly,Continue reading “For Glory: A Champions of Midgard Review”

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition: It Takes Two to Tentacle

by Mr. Saint Overview: Arkham Horror 2nd Edition was my entry into hobby board gaming.  Bought at significant discount while I was a struggling, underemployed law school grad amidst the last great recession (the summer of 2011), I spent countless evenings learning its systems and playing game after game.  Since those fondly remembered summer nights,Continue reading “Arkham Horror 3rd Edition: It Takes Two to Tentacle”

Root, a Critical Comparison to Vast (the Crystal Caverns)

By: Mr. Saint Note: Post originally published on BGG April 2019. I’ll spare you the game overview, as at the time of writing this review, Root has 29 other text reviews and Vast has 14.  I’m sure other talented writers have already covered how each game plays more eloquently than I ever could.  If youContinue reading “Root, a Critical Comparison to Vast (the Crystal Caverns)”