Exceed Fighting System: A Real Contender

by Mr. Saint I love fighting games.  There‚Äôs just something about that particular video game genre that has always captivated me.  The intersection of theorycrafting and practiced mechanical execution have always kept me coming back.  I still watch the Evo Championship Series every year and follow the Capcom Pro Tour whenever I have time. WhileContinue reading “Exceed Fighting System: A Real Contender”

Maximum Apocalypse: I’m Tired, I’m Hungry, I’m Having the Best Time

By: Mrs. Saint Note: Originally published on BGG March 2019. First, it was the zombies.  The virus spread like wildfire across the country, resulting in societal collapse.  We had no sooner found the cure to the disease when the unmaintained nukes went off, further destabilizing the population.  The East Coast is now a wasteland.  SomeContinue reading “Maximum Apocalypse: I’m Tired, I’m Hungry, I’m Having the Best Time”