A New Challenger: Cammy

By Mr. Saint Cammy, as a character in the Street Fighter universe, has enjoyed enduring appeal.  Despite being consistently ranked as one of the worst characters in her debut game (Super Street Fighter II), she quickly garnered a fanbase that solidified her status as a recurring character in the franchise.  To date, Cammy has appearedContinue reading “A New Challenger: Cammy”

A New Challenger: Prepare

By Mr. Saint Cards in hand are good.  Cards in hand are important.  Cards, whether they be in your hand or deck, are one of the resources  that make Exceed’s in-game engine hum (the other two resources being gauge and life respectively).  That must make the Prepare action particularly effective right?  After all, it’s aContinue reading “A New Challenger: Prepare”

A New Challenger: Mole Knight

By Mr. Saint Written in Collaboration with Level 99 Discord User @ReggiesWarOnEverything Do you know what playing as Mole Knight reminds me of?  A dedicated outboxer.  For the uninitiated, outboxing is one of the four orthodox boxing styles that categorize the majority of athletes in modern boxing.  It is a style defined by faster, longContinue reading “A New Challenger: Mole Knight”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Utilizing Online Communities for Game Purchases

by Mrs. Saint As I mentioned in the last Board Game Bites, one of the things that still overwhelms me is the sheer volume of games. When I did a quick internet search, I couldn’t find set numbers yet for 2019 but in 2018 there were over 3,000 new games published and the expectation wasContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Utilizing Online Communities for Game Purchases”

Summer Reading

by Mrs Saint School has been out for almost a month here. Little Miss and I were sitting out in the front yard the other week and talking to the neighbor’s kids next door. They were working in their garden and I asked them, since our county was going to be moving to the greenContinue reading “Summer Reading”