Build-a-Bear, Err I Mean a Hero: a Roll Player Review

by Mrs. Saint Confession time: I’ve never played D&D or any tabletop RPG. My husband has, he even volunteered and taught/played D&D with kids at the Boys and Girls Club back when he lived in New England. We were about to try to schedule putting together a group and campaign with some friends but thenContinue reading “Build-a-Bear, Err I Mean a Hero: a Roll Player Review”

Galaxy Trucker – A Rewarding Career in Interstellar Transportation Awaits!

by Mr. Saint As the latest independent contractor of Corporations Incorporated, you can choose a life of adventure!  You, brave soul that you are, can decide to cut out the middleman on your path to fame and fortune, and we here at Corp Inc. are here for you.  We’ll provide you with only the bestContinue reading “Galaxy Trucker – A Rewarding Career in Interstellar Transportation Awaits!”

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth – There and Back Again, E-Reader Edition

by Mr. Saint When, as a child, I had decided I outgrew Goosebumps and the Animorphs series, the first “grown-up” book I can remember falling in love with was J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.  From that first story, an obsession with Middle-earth and persistent love of high fantasy was born.  I entered the hobbyContinue reading “The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth – There and Back Again, E-Reader Edition”

What Kind of Gamer are You?

by Mr. Saint I was recently asked for game recommendations by a relative who was new to the hobby.  This was a true blue, often-cited, yet in my experience actually rather rare, “My husband and I love Catan, what other games can you recommend?” type of situation.  For reasons unknown, my mind conjured up anContinue reading “What Kind of Gamer are You?”

For Glory: A Champions of Midgard Review

by Mrs. Saint Trondheim is a port town in Norway, led by their beloved Jarl. His strength and fierceness protect the town and surrounding villages and his shrewd mind helps grow a thriving merchant trade business. But then he dies. His death is felt in every house in Trondheim and in every neighboring village. Suddenly,Continue reading “For Glory: A Champions of Midgard Review”

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition: It Takes Two to Tentacle

by Mr. Saint Overview: Arkham Horror 2nd Edition was my entry into hobby board gaming.  Bought at significant discount while I was a struggling, underemployed law school grad amidst the last great recession (the summer of 2011), I spent countless evenings learning its systems and playing game after game.  Since those fondly remembered summer nights,Continue reading “Arkham Horror 3rd Edition: It Takes Two to Tentacle”