A New Challenger: Ken Masters

by Mr. Saint Ken has always been one of my favorite fighting game characters.  Going all the way back to Super Street Fighter II Turbo, where his character design broke with the traditional shoto fireball style in favor of a rushdown style that relied on knee bash loops, a superior jab dragon punch,  and crazyContinue reading “A New Challenger: Ken Masters”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Worker Placement

by Mrs. Saint The other week, we talked about the sheer volume of games and some online resources to help make purchasing decisions a little easier. For the next few Board Game Bites, we’re going to talk about game mechanics.  For me, when I was first starting out in the hobby a few years ago, itContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Worker Placement”

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth Expansion Review

by Mr. Saint I have a confession.  I said in our Spirit Island Review that one could easily get dozens of plays out of the base game before looking to expansions.  Yet, when I had the opportunity to late-pledge on Kickstarter for Spirit Island’s latest expansion, Jagged Earth, I jumped at the chance with onlyContinue reading “Spirit Island: Jagged Earth Expansion Review”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Utilizing Online Communities for Game Purchases

by Mrs. Saint As I mentioned in the last Board Game Bites, one of the things that still overwhelms me is the sheer volume of games. When I did a quick internet search, I couldn’t find set numbers yet for 2019 but in 2018 there were over 3,000 new games published and the expectation wasContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Utilizing Online Communities for Game Purchases”

Millennium Blades: An Absolute Triumph

by Mr. Saint No game defined a larger part of my life than Magic: the Gathering.  Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) hooked me early, when I received a couple of Revised Starter decks as a birthday present from an older cousin during the summer of 1994.  Not even yet 10 years old, a world ofContinue reading “Millennium Blades: An Absolute Triumph”

Hold on to Your Coin Purse: A Bargain Quest Review

by Mrs. Saint The sun is just starting to come up. You’ve been working for hours, dusting the shelves, making sure the items in the window gleam and look their best. After all in just a few hours, the market square will be busy. It’ll be bustling with would-be heroes ready to stock up beforeContinue reading “Hold on to Your Coin Purse: A Bargain Quest Review”

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition – Dead of Night Expansion Review

by Mr Saint The Dead of Night expansion is a small box expansion that does not fundamentally change the rules of the base game of Arkham Horror 3rd Edition (AH3E for short).  As such, I won’t be following my normal format in this post, but you can read our review of the base game hereContinue reading “Arkham Horror 3rd Edition – Dead of Night Expansion Review”

Spirit Island: Colonizers Need Not Apply

by Mr Saint It took me way longer than it should have to play Spirit Island.  Originally released in 2017, Spirit Island was a game  I always planned to demo at every board game convention I’ve attended since it came out.  Without fail, the Greater Than Games booth was always too busy, or we’d useContinue reading “Spirit Island: Colonizers Need Not Apply”

Board Gaming Bites for New Gamers: Your Local Game Store

by Mrs Saint I grew up playing the classic mass marketed board games like Monopoly, Clue, and Life, and to this day, I’m still impressed with my Dad’s Carrom skills. However, I’m no veteran to this hobby. In fact, I’m pretty new to the hobby board gaming community. It wasn’t until my husband and IContinue reading “Board Gaming Bites for New Gamers: Your Local Game Store”

Exceed Fighting System: A Real Contender

by Mr. Saint I love fighting games.  There’s just something about that particular video game genre that has always captivated me.  The intersection of theorycrafting and practiced mechanical execution have always kept me coming back.  I still watch the Evo Championship Series every year and follow the Capcom Pro Tour whenever I have time. WhileContinue reading “Exceed Fighting System: A Real Contender”