Saint Gaming’s Favorites of 2020

No matter the year, the end of December brings a time for reflection and 2020 is certainly no exception, but instead of dwelling on some of the sad and less pleasant parts of this year, we’re going to take a few minutes to talk about our favorite hobby and the board games we played thisContinue reading “Saint Gaming’s Favorites of 2020”

A New Challenger: Cammy

By Mr. Saint Cammy, as a character in the Street Fighter universe, has enjoyed enduring appeal.  Despite being consistently ranked as one of the worst characters in her debut game (Super Street Fighter II), she quickly garnered a fanbase that solidified her status as a recurring character in the franchise.  To date, Cammy has appearedContinue reading “A New Challenger: Cammy”

Dinosaur Island: As Smooth as Giftshop Amber

By Mr. Saint Overview: Dinosaur Island is a worker placement game with elements of resource management and tile placement.  In Dinosaur Island, players will take on the role of a park manager, attempting to create the most exciting and profitable dinosaur park.  Make sure you clear your table in preparation, as a game of DinosaurContinue reading “Dinosaur Island: As Smooth as Giftshop Amber”

A New Challenger: Prepare

By Mr. Saint Cards in hand are good.  Cards in hand are important.  Cards, whether they be in your hand or deck, are one of the resources  that make Exceed’s in-game engine hum (the other two resources being gauge and life respectively).  That must make the Prepare action particularly effective right?  After all, it’s aContinue reading “A New Challenger: Prepare”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Card Drafting

by Mrs. Saint A couple weeks ago, we talked about Dice Drafting. This week, we’re going to cover the Card Drafting mechanic and discuss a few different games that use card drafting. If you’ve read some of my other articles, you may already know that my husband is the one who introduced me to hobbyContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Card Drafting”

An Introduction to the Arkham Horror Files

By Mr. Saint I love this time of year.  The leaves are changing, the unmistakable scent of pumpkin spice is in the air, people are looking for scary movies to stream.  There’s just something about late Fall that is filled with suspense, like the world stands at the edge of something momentous, waiting for aContinue reading “An Introduction to the Arkham Horror Files”

A New Challenger: Mole Knight

By Mr. Saint Written in Collaboration with Level 99 Discord User @ReggiesWarOnEverything Do you know what playing as Mole Knight reminds me of?  A dedicated outboxer.  For the uninitiated, outboxing is one of the four orthodox boxing styles that categorize the majority of athletes in modern boxing.  It is a style defined by faster, longContinue reading “A New Challenger: Mole Knight”

Not Covered by Insurance- Dice Hospital Review

by: Mrs. Saint For most of my childhood, my mother worked in a hospital as a nurse manager on a rehabilitation floor. I spent more than one day at the hospital helping my mom with an event they were putting on for the residents or tagging along with my mom for Take Your Child toContinue reading “Not Covered by Insurance- Dice Hospital Review”

A New Challenger: Shovel & Shield Knight

By Mr. Saint The dynamic duo!  The perfect pair!  The tandem twosome!  Ok, I’ll stop.  Shovel and Shield Knight have been affectionately nicknamed  EXSK by the Level 99 Exceed Discord, because two knights whose names both start with S would naturally combine to form an EX character  (I will at times be using this abbreviationContinue reading “A New Challenger: Shovel & Shield Knight”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Deck Building

by Mrs. Saint We’ve placed our workers and drafted our dice, but now we have an architectural challenge, we must build a deck. No, not the kind of deck that you put your grill on and have hamburgers and hotdogs on! We’re talking about the board game mechanic known as Deck Building. In 2008, RioContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Deck Building”