A New Challenger: Mole Knight

By Mr. Saint Written in Collaboration with Level 99 Discord User @ReggiesWarOnEverything Do you know what playing as Mole Knight reminds me of?  A dedicated outboxer.  For the uninitiated, outboxing is one of the four orthodox boxing styles that categorize the majority of athletes in modern boxing.  It is a style defined by faster, longContinue reading “A New Challenger: Mole Knight”

Not Covered by Insurance- Dice Hospital Review

by: Mrs. Saint For most of my childhood, my mother worked in a hospital as a nurse manager on a rehabilitation floor. I spent more than one day at the hospital helping my mom with an event they were putting on for the residents or tagging along with my mom for Take Your Child toContinue reading “Not Covered by Insurance- Dice Hospital Review”

A New Challenger: Shovel & Shield Knight

By Mr. Saint The dynamic duo!  The perfect pair!  The tandem twosome!  Ok, I’ll stop.  Shovel and Shield Knight have been affectionately nicknamed  EXSK by the Level 99 Exceed Discord, because two knights whose names both start with S would naturally combine to form an EX character  (I will at times be using this abbreviationContinue reading “A New Challenger: Shovel & Shield Knight”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Deck Building

by Mrs. Saint We’ve placed our workers and drafted our dice, but now we have an architectural challenge, we must build a deck. No, not the kind of deck that you put your grill on and have hamburgers and hotdogs on! We’re talking about the board game mechanic known as Deck Building. In 2008, RioContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Deck Building”

A New Challenger: Mix-ups and Represented Attacks

No one has asked, but if I was pressed, I’d have to say my favorite Season of Exceed so far is Season 3.  And yes, a big part of that is the Street Fighter license (you can read more about my personal history with Street Fighter in our Yomi and Exceed reviews).  But even moreContinue reading “A New Challenger: Mix-ups and Represented Attacks”

Climb Any Mountain, Search High and Low -For Glory!

 by Mrs. Saint You lower your head and grit your teeth as the cold wind whips your face. With each step, the snow comes up over your goatskin boots and you can feel its freezing wetness seeping into the skin above your ankles. You lift your head and squint into the howling storm and knowContinue reading “Climb Any Mountain, Search High and Low -For Glory!”

Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Dice Drafting

by Mrs. Saint The other week, we covered the worker placement game mechanic. For this week’s Board Game Bites, we’re going to talk about dice drafting. Dice drafting was one of those mechanics that for me at first wasn’t completely clear what type of mechanic it was by name alone. I didn’t fully understand whatContinue reading “Board Game Bites for New Gamers: Dice Drafting”

A New Challenger: King Knight

by Mr. Saint Before we begin, a bit of rules overhead: a continuous boost (or Decree) is considered resolved once any “Now” text on it is completed.  If the boost doesn’t have any “Now” text, it is considered resolved as soon as it is played. As his preview article would suggest, King Knight is aContinue reading “A New Challenger: King Knight”

Terraforming Mars: Cows in Space!

by Mr. Saint I always get nervous writing about really popular games.  I sometimes think that if a game is popular enough, the public has made their decision and there is no point in voicing criticism of the game. So here it is: I like Terraforming Mars.  Quite a bit in fact.  But I alsoContinue reading “Terraforming Mars: Cows in Space!”

Save the Scientist, Save the World: Comanauts Review

by Mrs. Saint The world is ending. The technology meant to save the world is spiraling out of control, creating a miniature black hole and humanity’s suffering continues to worsen as the end draws near. Hope is flickering out. There is only one man who can save us but he’s in a coma. The onlyContinue reading “Save the Scientist, Save the World: Comanauts Review”