Hate Isn’t on the Menu

by Mrs. Saint

If you read the About page of our website, you would know one of my passions outside of board gaming is cooking and baking. I love cooking a good meal for my family and friends. I love to see them gather around the table and enjoy the food and conversation. I suppose in some ways that’s one of the reasons I love board games too, the gathering together of people for fun and conversation over something you love. 

I cook and bake a variety of dishes but there is one thing that is never on the menu in the Saint household -hate. Mr. Saint and I wish we could say “everyone is welcome at our table” but that just isn’t true. If you have hate in your heart for another person because of the color of their skin, the country they were born in, who they love, how they identify, the deity they pray to or whether they don’t pray at all, then I’m sorry there isn’t a space for you at our table. 

Black Lives Matter in our house. 

The entire LGBTQ community matters in our house. 

Right now, we’re just getting started as board game content creators. We don’t have a lot of followers or website visitors yet but we wanted to make sure there is no confusion as we launch our website where we stand. Mr. Saint and I hope that as we create content and engage within the board game community that we are able to hear a lot of different opinions and viewpoints. We hope to create great relationships with people who share a similar passion for hobby board gaming. However, hate is not an opinion; it’s just hate. We will not tolerate on our website or on any of our social channels hateful posts or bigoted comments towards or about members of the BIPOC or LGBTQ communities.

As we move forward in this content creation journey, we’re going to continue to highlight and celebrate the diversity that makes our board game community truly wonderful and makes our world a better place.

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